The Graeme Andrews Collection

of historic maritime photographs


Graeme Andrews is an Honorary Life member of Sydney Heritage Fleet who photographed Australian shipping at his workplace and elsewhere for more than 50 years. He has also collected photographs and “sea-pix” from other sources, such as private snapshots going back more than 100 years. About 1400 of them are shown in the following segments, and represent a small sample of the collection.

Anyone interested in investigating the images is invited to contact the SHF Maritime Records and Research Centre, either by phoning 02 9298 3888 or emailing mrrc@shf.org.au.

Ferries of Australia
Selected images of ferries and charter vessels from Queensland, Tasmania, Western Australia, Victoria, South Australia and the Northern Territory.

The Maritime Services Board
Showing images of the MSB, in its earlier and later names, and of the workboats, tugs and dredges that built Port Jackson. Vessels from the NSW Public Works Department are included.

Port Jackson
This small segment shows the flying boats at Rose Bay, old wharves and buildings, waterfront fires, views from the top of the Harbour Bridge, early morning on the harbour and so on.

Workboats and Tugs
All around Australia small work boats and commercial tugs have kept the commercial ports working. Many of these craft are almost un-noticed by the public but they are there and they were busy.

The Vessels of the Sydney Heritage Fleet
The Sydney Heritage Fleet has been involved with old shipping and boats for more than 40 years. Seen here are just a few of the images from that 40 years of volunteer work on and around steamers, sailing ships, work boats, ferries and yachts.

Miscellaneous Pictures
The family photographs of Australians can offer a rich diversity of images. Those included here include photos taken at sea during World War Two, on board coastal passenger ships, the building of the AMP building and many others.

Ferries of Sydney
Take a look at some of the ferries that made Sydney’s harbour such a visually interesting place in the days before anonymous catamarans took over.

Merchant Shipping
Australian and foreign shipping in and around various ports.

Paddle Ships and Vehicular Ferries and Punts
Crossing rivers and harbours has long been a problem for wheeled traffic.?Seen here are many of the eastern states’ cable driven car ferries and self powered vehicular ferries current and past. Paddled propelled vessels can be found on the Murray River system, but there are others.

Veteran Ships
Some very special old ships.