Marine Personalities Index


Note that we are in the process of building our electronic database, and have a long way to go. If something of interest is in these indices, then we definitely have material. If it does not appear, we still may have material of interest to you. A fee applies for any request or order.

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Surname Name Title File? Image?
Edward Prince of Wales yes yes
Adam-Smith Patsy yes yes
Adams Dennis yes yes
Albert Family yes yes
Allcott John yes yes
Allen Frank yes yes
Anderson Eben Captain yes yes
Anderson John Captain yes yes
Awatea yes yes
Baigent Brian yes yes
Bailey & Jorgensen yes yes
Baines James yes yes
Barnett Family yes no
Bass George yes no
Bastock John yes yes
Baudin Nicholas yes yes
Beattie Henry yes no
Beirne F.P. Captain yes no
Bill Thomas yes no
Billy Blue Billy yes no
Bird Peter yes yes
Bisset James Sir yes yes
Bisset James Sir – Life at Sea yes yes
Black W.P. Sgt yes yes
Bligh Captain yes yes
Blue Billy yes yes
Boyd Ben yes yes
Bracegirdle F. Captain yes no
Bradley John yes no
Breckenridge R. Captain yes no
Brett Oswald yes yes
Brett W.S. Captain yes yes
Brierly Oswald yes yes
Bromley Douglas Captain DSC. RN. yes no
Brunel Marc Sir yes no
Buchanan H.J.B. Rear Admiral yes no
Byng John Admiral, RN. yes yes
Byrd Admiral yes yes
Cadman John yes no
Callen Brothers yes yes
Campbell Robert yes no
Captain Cook – Voyages James Captain yes yes
Carter Charles Captain yes no
Cazneaux Harold yes yes
Chichester Francis yes yes
Christian Fletcher yes no
Chudleigh C.H. Captain yes yes
Clark Ralph Lieut. yes no
Clinch J. Captain yes no
Conrad Joseph yes yes
Cook James Captain yes yes
Cook Thomas no no
Corrigan B.M. yes no
Cottee Kay yes yes
Courbarron J.H. Captain yes yes
Crabb Buster Rear Admiral, RAN. yes yes
Cresswell W. Sir, Vice Admiral yes yes
Croker Herbert yes yes
Cunningham John yes no
Custance W.W. Rear Admiral yes yes
D’Arcy Niland Family yes yes
Dalton William yes no
Dampier William yes yes
Darling S. Capt. DSC yes yes
Davidson A.T. yes no
Davis Thomas yes no
Davis Bros & Burgess Ltd yes yes
Dechaineux E.V.F. Captain yes yes
Dent Family yes no
Devitt & Moore yes no
Doenitz Karl Admiral yes yes
Double Bay Sailing Club yes no
Drake David yes no
Drake Francis Sir yes no
Dumaresq J.S. Rear Admiral yes yes
Dumaresq John Rear Admiral yes no
Dunlop Thomas yes yes
Earl Jack yes yes
Easton Ronald OBE, MBE yes yes
Erikson Gustav yes yes
Evans Edward Rear Admiral yes yes
Farncomb H.B. Rear Admiral, RAN yes yes
Farquhar Gordon Macdonald yes no
Fenwick Thomas Captain yes no
Fisher John Admiral, R.N. yes yes
Fisher William Henry Captain yes no
Fisher Family – Boatbuilders yes yes
Flinders Matthew R.N. yes yes
Folwell Newton Lt. yes yes
Forbes Sam yes yes
Forester C.S. yes no
Forsythe Len Commodore yes yes
Fox H.T. Captain yes no
Frame Tom (Dr) Lt. RAN yes no
Francis John Captain yes no
Franklin John Sir yes no
Fryatt C.A. Captain yes yes
Gale Cliff yes yes
Garvey W.G. yes no
Gerbault Alain yes yes
Gibbs William F. yes yes
Gilmore Mary Dame yes yes
Glover Sidney Lt – Commodore RN yes no
Goldsworthy Leon yes yes
Goodenough Core J.G. RN yes yes
Gordon Alexander Commodore RN yes yes
Gordon L.M. Captain yes yes
Goss Captain yes no
Gregory C. Dickson yes yes
Gregory Arthur V. yes no
Hall Syd (Nobby) RAN yes no
Halliday Bros yes yes
Halvorsen Family yes yes
Hansen Ian yes yes
Hardy James Sir yes no
Harrison James yes yes
Harrison John yes no
Hayes “Bully” yes no
Heron Robert Captain yes yes
Hilder Brett yes yes
Hill Family yes yes
Holmes J.W. Captain no no
Hood Warwick yes yes
Horning H.W. yes no
Hudson M. Vice Admiral – RAN yes no
Hudspeth K. LCMDR yes yes
Hume Cyril L. yes yes
Hunter J.H. Captain yes no
Hurley Frank yes no
Hyde G.F. Admiral Sir RN yes no
Irvine Fred Commodore – RAN yes no
Jeffreys Charles Lt. RN yes no
Jenkins Charles Commodore OBE yes no
Johnson Irving yes yes
Jones Bros yes no
Kemp Anthony Fenn yes yes
Kennedy Arthur Sir yes no
King Phillip Parker Rear Admiral yes yes
Klebingat Fred Captain yes yes
Knight A.V. Captain yes yes
Knox – Johnston Robin yes yes
Koosache James Hansford yes yes
Kopsen Family yes no
Kortum Karl yes yes
Lavender George yes yes
Lawson Christopher Captain yes no
Lewis Bros yes yes
Lexcen Ben yes yes
Lind Lewis James yes no
Lindsay A.R.L. Commodore yes no
Lovell W.J. Captain yes yes
Lowe William yes yes
Lucas Captain no no
MacDougall V.Admiral I.D.G. yes no
MacKay Donald yes no
MacKellar John Admiral RN yes no
Maiden Hugh yes yes
Malanot Elmer Captain yes yes
Marine Artist – Bastock John yes yes
Marine Artist – Gregory Arthur V. yes no
Marine Artist – Yeomans Peter yes no
Marryat F. Captain yes yes
Martin David Rare Admiral, Sir yes yes
Martin Tom yes yes
Mawson Douglas Sir yes yes
McArthur Archie yes yes
McCredie John yes yes
McKay Donald yes yes
McKenzie Florence Mrs OBE yes yes
McKilliam Captain R.B.V. yes yes
Merewether Family yes no
Middleton D.F. yes yes
Millett J.L.V. Captain yes no
Milner H.G. yes yes
Milson A.G. yes no
Monro George yes no
Moodie-Heddle R. Captain yes yes
Morrow C.F. no no
Mort Thomas S. yes no
Murchison F. Captain yes yes
Murray W.S. Captain yes yes
Naval Heroes yes yes
Nave E. Captain yes yes
Nelson Admiral, Lord yes yes
Newcomb H.M. Captain yes no
Nicholson Ian Commodore yes yes
Nicholson Bros yes yes
Northam William Sir yes yes
Notley F.B.S. Captain, Sir yes no
O’Brian Patrick yes yes
O’Brien George yes yes
Palmer L.T. Captain yes no
Parsons William Captain yes no
Pattison R.L. Captain yes no
Payne Alan yes yes
Pera Mary yes yes
Perdrian Family yes yes
Phillip Arthur Captain RN yes yes
Phillips Family yes yes
Piper John Captain yes yes
Press Henry Captain yes no
Pullen Charles Captain yes yes
Purdon A. Captain yes yes
Quelch S. Constable yes yes
Rebell Fred yes yes
Reeks Walter yes yes
Renouf Phil yes yes
Richards Duncan yes yes
Richards Michael yes yes
Ridgway Keith Captain yes yes
Robertson R.J. Captain yes yes
Robertson Gordon B. yes no
Robinson Ellis yes yes
Rodd Lewis Captain yes no
Rooklyn Jack yes yes
Ross John yes no
Rudder Family yes yes
Sanders Jon yes yes
Scot – Skirving Robert Dr yes yes
Scott James yes no
Settree Family yes no
Shorter W.E. Captain yes yes
Siebe Augustus yes no
Sinclair Peter Rear Admiral yes yes
Slocum Joshua Captain yes yes
Smith N.W. Commodore yes yes
Sparrow Charles yes yes
Spinks Christopher Captain yes no
Spurling Jack yes no
Stevens Cliff OAM yes no
Stevens D.H. Captain yes yes
Stevenson J.P. Captain yes yes
Storey A.S. Commander RAN yes yes
Stovold A.W. yes yes
Swan R. Rear Admiral yes yes
Sykes Isaac Captain yes no
Symington William yes no
Taylor Bill yes no
Thomas Bill no no
Thompson Phil yes yes
Torres Luis Baes De Captain yes no
Towns George yes yes
Uffa Fox yes yes
Villiers Alan Captain yes yes
Von Luckner Felix Count yes yes
Von Spee Admiral yes no
Wade W.J. Captain yes no
Waller H.M. Captain yes yes
Walton R.S. Captain yes no
Warby Ken yes yes
Wayling Ron Captain yes yes
Webb Captain yes no
Weekes Jack yes no
Weston H.J.P. Commodore yes no
Williams John Sir yes no
Williams Joseph Sir yes yes
Windeyer Family yes no
Wyllie W.J. Captain yes yes
Yeomans Peter yes no