Miscellaneous and Oddities


Although there are only 30 odd images in this section, they are fascinating. From an Army DUKW at work in Lismore floods to a small loaded flood boat with crew to collision damage on sea going ships to a light ship, to an oil rig loaded on a large ship there is something unusual about every image. From the 1930s there’s a flying boat in Farm Cove, just arrived from the UK.

A seaman feeds a mollyhawk on the wing at sea. The inside of a Japanese midget submarine is very tight and there is an 1846 (!) photo of a very early steam paddle tug. … and there’s more.

For costs and availability of obtaining any of these photos without watermark, as an electronic file, as a print from the original negative (where available) or as some other format, contact the Maritime Records and Research Centre’s Curator on mrrc@shf.org.au or 02 9298 3850, quoting the full file name and giving details of format wanted.

Copyright for the majority of these images from the collection is vested in the Sydney Heritage Fleet. For the remaining images every attempt has been made to ensure correct attribution. If any originator of an image notes an error the Sydney Heritage Fleet would welcome any notification and will remove that image or modify its attribution.

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