Guiding & Scouting Programs

The Sydney Heritage Fleet is proud to offer all groups a unique opportunity to experience life on a genuine heritage vessel!

*As of 2017 the Sydney Heritage Fleet and the James Craig are now fully verified programs with Girl Guides NSW and ACT*

The possibilities for educational and recreational activities on the Tall Ship James Craig are endless. The Sydney Heritage Fleet will be happy to develop an event to meet the needs of your group through a sleepover, an educational excursion on board or the excitement of a day at sea combined with a night on board.

Our packages are all led by our Youth Program team assisted in delivery by James Craig volunteer crew, all of whom are familiar with the operation of the ship and have Working with Children clearance. Risk assessments have been undertaken and are available on request.



For more information or to make a booking, please contact our Youth Program Coordinator on 9298 38 88 or


Sleepover aboard James Craig

Participants (children/youth) and accompanying adults will be transported back in time 145 years. Participants take part in exciting tasks that were part of daily life aboard a tall ship in the 19th century such as:

  • Setting a sail
  • Swabbing the decks
  • Heaving cargo
  • Learning sailing knots
  • Navigation
  • Learning the language and discipline of the sea.


Participants sleep in hammocks or in bunks below decks while the ship remains safely moored at Wharf 7 at Pyrmont. Around 30 participants can be accommodated. This can be extended upon consultation.

A typical sleepover begins at 4.30pm and concludes at 9am the next day. Many groups combine a sleepover with a visit to the Australian National Maritime Museum next door.

Cost for participants = $85/head*

Cost for supervising adults (required to meet supervision ratio**) = Free 

Cost for additional supervising adults: $85/head

Prices include dinner, supper, breakfast and all activities. Special dietary needs can be accommodated. We aim to be a nut free program.

*Minimum number of participants is 20.

**The youth:adult ratio varies depending on age. Typically, the minimum number of accompanying adults is 4.


Ship Visit – Day Excursion 


Spend two to four hours aboard Tall Ship James Craig.

On a guided tour of the vessel, learn about sailing a square-rigged ship and what life was like at sea. Experience first-hand what it was like for the sailors by participating in a range of age-relevant activities such as setting sails, simple navigation, swabbing decks and handling lines.

Tailored programs can be developed to suit educational objectives.

Cost for participants =

2 hrs = $17.50/head

4 hrs = $30/head

Free for accompanying adults






Youth Leadership Packages


This program uses our 19th century tall ship the James Craig and the surrounding harbour as an exciting platform for future leaders to develop and enhance their leadership skills. Students are encouraged to set and conquer attainable yet challenging goals, practice their communication and problem solving skills, experience teamwork activities and critically reflect in a new and exciting environment.

The program can be tailored to the specific needs of any group upon request. Ideal for leadership teams within schools and groups.

Program options:

Day Only

Timing: 10am – 3pm

Cost for participants = $40/head

Free for accompanying adults

Day + Overnight

Timing: 2pm – 9am

Cost for participants = $95/head

Cost for accompanying adults = 1x free, additional = $45/head


Adventure Package 


This is the ultimate adventure. Spend a night on board the James Craig and a day at sea, experiencing first-hand the life of a 19th-century sailor.

Junior crew will spend an afternoon and evening ‘learning the ropes’ before joining our experienced crew on a sail up the harbour and outside the Heads. They will help set sails and brace the yards. They will learn how to steer the ship, stand lookout and perform many other duties of 19th-century sailors. Older participants (>14 years of age) can learn to climb the rigging.

Typical programs begin at 4.30pm and conclude at approximately 4pm the following day, when the ship returns to Wharf 7 at Pyrmont.

The Adventure Package links to the program of day sails that alternate fortnightly between Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year.

The minimum number of participants is normally 18, with three or more accompanying adults. Participants must be 12 years or over.

Cost for participants = $170/head

Cost for accompanying adults = $165/head


Prices include dinner, supper and breakfast at the dock and morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea while at sea. Special dietary needs can be accommodated.

Tailored programs can be developed to suit educational objectives.




For more information or to make a booking, please contact our Youth Program Coordinator on 9298 38 88 or




“Thank you for having the Girl Guides! The program was interesting, and the activities were very enjoyable. Overall, it was a brilliant experience for everyone!!”

–         “The Leaders”, Girl Guides


“I would make [the sleepover] longer so that you could stay for more than one day!”

–         Cub Scout, 1st Caringbah Cub Scouts, 2018


“[My favourite activity was] every single one because you want to be able to do activities like that every day!”

–         Junior Guide,Berowra Junior Guides, 2018


“The whole experience of life on a tall ship ties in with understanding and knowledge of the First Fleet. This is a great excursion for kids & a great way to learn”

–                 Diane Lock, Killarney Heights Public School.


“This weekend showed that TS Nepean can work as a team. Great work by all.”

–         Able Seaman Beresford, Australian Navy Cadets