Why learn with SHFA museum should not simply be a repository for the future observation of historic and current artefacts. Sydney Maritime Museum trades as Sydney Heritage Fleet and is a LIVING museum! It not only displays our Australian maritime history but actually uses its collection to maintain the many skills and traditions of past and present maritime worlds.

We achieve this through Fleet members being actively involved in restoring vessels and operating them. The Australian public therefore has the opportunity to see and enjoy the Fleet’s maritime collection in action – not just on display

Continuing to offer this maritime education to members and the general public is a very important objective of the Museum’s activities. To assist in achieving this objective, our maritime educational programs continue to be developed with a strong emphasis on providing a practical and hands-on experience. Programs cover the array of skills involved in the restoration of both steel and timber hull vessels; the operation of sailing and steam ships; steam engineering; ship handling as master and deck crew in Fleet vessels; rope and rigging work, archival work, guiding, instructing etc. The scope of our programs is wide!

Sydney Heritage Fleet education programs are designed for all age groups in the community. All that is required is curiosity, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn!