Directors and Governors


Board of Directors

President Tony Hunt AO RAN rtd
Vice President David Logie
Treasurer Linton Scott
Directors Andrew Davidson
John Diacopoulos
Phil Nott
Michael Schultz
Karen Walsh
Matthew Wright
General Manager
Ross Muir


Board of Governors

Robert Albert AO RFD RD (Chairman)
John Diacopoulos
John Winning AM
Ron Denning
Gordon Ingate OAM
Judy Lee
Norman Rydge AM OBE
Michael Schultz
Chris Stannard OAM
Michael de Dutton York OAM


Directors Bio

Tony Hunt - Dinner 2012 003

Tony Hunt AO RAN rtd

Tony Hunt served in the Royal Australian Navy for 42 years retiring in 1995 as a Rear Admiral. He joined the Fleet in that year as the Project Director for the final phase of the James Craig restoration, standing down as PD in 2001 when the ship came into survey. He remained involved with the James Craig Co-ordination Committee for a number of years. In 2004 he was elected to the Board as a Director and became President in 2006. He is a member of the Safety Committee, chairman of the Advisory Committee and chairman of the Fundraising Co-ordination Committee.

David Logie

David Logie

David worked all his working life in the electricity generation and high voltage transmission industry and he joined Sydney Heritage Fleet in 1991. He has served on the Boards of several community based organisations.

Member for over 25 years (joined 1991) and a member of SHF Electrical Team for over 25 years. He became a Honorary Life Member in 2012. He served and is still serving on many SHF Committees, from SMM Volunteer Committee, Rozelle Bay Workshop Committee, John Oxley Restoration Committee, SHF Occupation, Health & Safety Committee, SHF Work Health & Safety Committee, Relocation Task Group and Kanangra Restoration Committee.

Member of restoration teams on James Craig, John Oxley, Gretel II & Kanangra, he also carried out electrical design, restoration & maintenance activities on all SHF Fleet vessels.

He has also been involved with the writing and production of SHF publications, including ASH #103 – “Sydney Harbour Ferry Kanangra Centenary (1912 – 2012)”, SHF Occupation, Health & Safety Electrical Manuals and the SHF Steam Engineers’ Course – Electrical lectures.

Here are some of his aims and aspirations for SHF: to actively work to ensure the long-term viability of SHF, to support for the long-term restoration, maintenance & operation of all Fleet vessels, to support the role & value of ALL volunteers
within SHF.

Linton Scott Linton Scott

My name is Linton Scott and I have been a member of the Fleet for approximately eleven years. I am a qualified accountant (CPA) and also a senior member of the Australian Computer Society (MACS).

I retired from the commercial business world about eleven years ago, having spent the prior twenty years in the investment banking arena with Barclays De Zoette Wedd (BZW) and ABN Amro, as a Director and Head of Information Technology. I have also had experience in computer programing, system design and implementation in the legal, broking and manufacturing areas.

In recent times, I have undertaken a law degree and have completed about 80% of the course.

I have been a Fleet volunteer, assisting in the main with issues associated with technology. I was on the Board of the Sydney Maritime Museum Custodian Limited for approximately seven years. I am now the Honorary Treasurer of the Sydney Heritage Fleet and held this position for approximately sixteen months.

Andrew Davidson Andrew Davidson

I first joined SHF in 1987, and helped chip rust off the James Craig’s frames (quietly, so as not to upset the locals) on the Heritage dock. After a break of 20 years, I rejoined to assist in supplying a new galley fitout for JC, then became involved with our steam ships at Rozelle. I am married, with two adult children and two beautiful grandchildren (all grandparents are outrageously biased!). My professional background includes Engineering (at trade and professional level) and business management. My volunteer focus at SHF is on: 

• Enjoying maintaining and operating our vessels with a great team of people.
• Development and support of our volunteer community through my work as part of the Volunteer Services Committee.
• Working to improve the financial viability of the SHF, so that its good work can continue.
• Ensuring that we have a solid governance process, aligned with our constitution.

John Diacopoulos


Phil Nott

Phil Nott

Phil has been a member of the Sydney Heritage Fleet since February 2010 and a Director since October 2014.

He has been an active volunteer since he became a member and started work as a Trainee Fireman and then Engineer
on Lady Hopetoun and Waratah. He currently works as a Fireman and Assistant Engineer. He crewed on the James Craig for around eighteen months. He has nearly 1,000 crewing hours in the Fleet. During this time, he qualified as a General Purpose Hand and completed the Fleet’s MED 2 Steam course. He is currently undertaking the assessment for a Standard Boiler Ticket as the next step in qualifying as Chief Engineer for Lady Hopetoun and Waratah.

Currently, Phil’s work with the Fleet is focussed on maintenance, firing, and engineering on Lady Hopetoun and Waratah plus the work as a Director of the company. He has been a member of the Finance Committee since joining the Board and he recently joined the Kanangra Restoration Committee.

Phil’s academic qualifications are from the ANU and Harvard in science and business. He currently works on the development and financing of private hospitals.

Karen Walsh

Michael Schultz

Michael Schultz

A young 76-year-old, totally dedicated to SHF, its principles, aims and goals for 27 years to date. A Hon. Life Member.

I represent the Fleet on the Board of Governors and the Board of Directors. Assist the Finance Committee, Advisory Committee, Fundraising Coordination Committee. The appointed Board Representative for the John Oxley Restoration and the Volunteer Services Committee.

I give my best in everything I am involved with, a volunteer in the true sense of the word and respect and admire my fellow volunteers and staff regardless of rank.

Matthew Wright

Matthew Wright

Work career/experience:

  • 36 years in the sales arena with various multinational corporations.
  • Filled Sales Management roles at National, State and Branch level, Senior Sales Roles
  • Budgeting, future planning, professional ethics/ethical behaviour.

Volunteer Focus:

  • Maintenance work at Rozelle on a variety of projects/vessels.
  • Maintenance and crew work on James Craig.
  • Actively involved in Kanangra restoration.
  • Assist in Youth programme events.
  • Very focused on seeking out and bring on board suitable corporate sponsors to secure the viability and ongoing financial future of the SHF.

Director Role Focus:

  • Regular face to face liaison on a regular basis with Fleet volunteers to understand their views, concerns and expectation
  • Continue working to establish SHF on a sustainable, secure, financial footing through sponsorship and other SHF marquee annual events.
  • Identify and promote programmes that support SHF’s vital and important work in keeping Sydney’s rich maritime history alive through active utilisation of its historically significant fleet.
  • Improve membership benefits and opportunities for training in fleet vessel operation, maritime qualifications and skills i.e. learn to sail programmes utilising fleet craft etc.
  • Maintain valuable SHF member restoration skills, passion and enthusiasm through identification and support of ongoing, Sydney relevant, viable restoration projects.
  • Work to increase SHF membership numbers, particularly young members.