Launched at Mort’s Dock and Engineering Company, Woolwich yard, 14/8/1912. Kanangra was only the second steel hulled ferry built and launched in Sydney. On Dec 18, 1911, Sydney Ferries had  inaugurated a new service to Cremorne Point. Kanangra serviced the Mosman / Cremorne and Cockatoo Island runs for more then 70 years. A major overhaul in 1951 extended her working life by another 30 years. Kanangra resumed service in 1953. Her last trip as a steamer was on 1 May 1959 after the 5:35 Circular Quay / Mosman / Cremorne run when she was converted to diesel. She participated in the Great Ferry Boat races on Sydney Harbour in the 1980s. She was retired from service in 1985 and presented to the Sydney Maritime Museum in 1987. The Kanangra Restoration Committee was established in 2001. An ultrasound hull survey was conducted in 2002. An urgent program of hull stabilisation has been completed. Kanangra was included in the Australian Register of Historic Vessels in 2009.