Why should Kanangra be preserved?
Kanangra was ferrying passengers on Sydney Harbour before the start of WW I and WW II and has been present during all major social changes in Australia over the last 100 years. Kanangra is the last of this type of ferry still afloat—well, just—and has played a major part in society and workers around Sydney Harbour for 104 years. She ferried workers to and from Cockatoo Island through storms, as well as thousands of trips taking office workers and others into the CBD to work, school children to school and home again. Preserving the 1912 Sydney ferry Kanangra will provide a unique physical connection and reference backdrop to 104 years of Australia’s social history.

You can donate now to the Kanangra ‘Lift Out’ maritime recovery initiative at https://www.shf.org.au/donations-support/kanangraliftout/. Please specify ‘Kanangra Lift Out Appeal’ or contact us at kanangraliftout@shf.org.au for a pledge form.