Part 6 of 6. The finished model restoration. What do you think!

Part 5 of 6. Stepping the masts and rigging. This was again a process of cleaning and some repair work to the original shrouds. Stays and running rigging were not salvageable.

Part 4 of 6. Repairing sails and building new figure head.
The sails were very fragile, possibly silk. They were carefully detached from the spars and the aft faces reinforced with japanese tisse. The figurehead was damaged beyond repair. A new one, based on heraldic designs, was made from layers of card, superglue,
and tinned copper wire.

Part 3 of 6. Cleaning the hull using dilute dishwashing liquid and great care! This showed that part of the hull had paper based decorations which were in a surprisingly good condition but difficult to clean without damage. After cleaning and sanding brightwork (varnish) was refreshed.

Part 2 of 6. The first step was to clear the top hamper and salvage any materials that could be used in the restoration.

Part 1 of 6. Follow the restoration process of HMS Roebuck. This is the condition in which we received the ship’s model. It is 80 years old and all the materials were there but in very poor conditions. The aim was to restore it using the minimum amount of new material.