James Craig voyage 1874 / 75


James Craig was launched in Sunderland England on 18th February, 1874. From there her voyages began.
Her maiden voyage proved eventful from the start. Running short of fresh water on the passage round Cape Horn, she had to make an unscheduled stop at Rio de Janeiro.Having discharged the coal in Callao, Peru, she proceeded to Portland, Oregon, and loaded wheat and flour for the United Kingdom. The Captain’s wife gave birth to a son on 29 November and he was named William Macleod Alexander as a memento of his birthplace.


The journey back across the Atlantic proved very protracted, occupying 171 days. The vessel finally came to anchor in the Humber on 10 July 1875, but before berthing she parted her anchor cable and grounded on a sandbank. Fortunately she came off without assistance and was later towed into dock.

 Arrival Comments Port Departure Cargo
 Left on maiden voyage  06.04.1874 Coal
 04.06.1874 Put in for water Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
First rounding of Cape Horn Callao, Peru 26.09.1874
 11.1874 Columbia River Portland / Astoria, Oregon 17.12.1874 Wheat
 06.06.1875 Called in for orders Queenstown, Ireland
 05.07.1875 Anchored Deal, England 06.07.1875
 10.07.1875 Hull, England

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