James Craig voyage 1876 / 77


The Clan Macleod made her first passage into Australian waters in January 1877 on her third voyage. However, she did not make into any port but ran the easting down below Tasmania to her destination at Dunedin in New Zealand.

Again, her voyage was not without incident for the mate, William Morris, aged twenty-four years, of Glasgow, was washed overboard and drowned during the passage.

On the return journey to the United Kingdom she again had to put into Rio de Janeiro, having suffered heavy damage in rounding Cape Horn. The rudder was loosened, her long boat and some spars washed away, her hatches were burst and the grain cargo was heating. It was necessary to discharge some of the cargo in order to reduced the risk of fire breaking out, and it was a month or so before she again got under way for her destination Liverpool.

Arrival Comments Port Departure Cargo
09.08.1876 First visit to New Zealand Otago, New Zealand 11.03.1877
17.04.1877 Called In Valparaiso, Chile 17.04.1877
San Antonio, Chile 23.05.1877 Wheat
29.07.1877 Put in to repair damage Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 04.09.1877
29.10.1877 Liverpool, England 18.01.1878 General

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