James Craig voyage 1894


“…Rounded the Cape of Good Hope on July 3 in latitude 44oS…with hard gales and heavy weather and passed a great deal of ice while making her easting. At 6 pm on July 7…passed close to an immense berg and at 5 pm on July 9, with thick foggy weather…passed three very large bergs, and the weather continuing thick…was compelled to heave to. Met a heavy gale on July 11…with hard squalls and heavy seas, and at 2.20 am sighted another large berg ahead, while after getting to the northward of it…passed three detached pieces, saw another and passed to the northwards of it…”

Arrival Comments Port Departure Cargo
02.04.1894 New York, USA 14.05.1894 Kerosene
07.09.1894 Wellington, New Zealand 28.09.1894
02.10.1894 Auckland, New Zealand 05.11.1894 Kauri Gum & Flax
New York, USA

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