Vital Statistics:

Overall length 70 m
Beam 9.5 m
Displacement Approx 1500 tonnes loaded displacement – 646 tonnes net
3.7 m
Depth of Hold
5.5 m
Masthead height
Masthead Height 33.0 metres above deck. 35.0 metres above waterline
Fore lower mast (iron) 19.4 m stepped on keel
Main lower mast (iron) 20 m stepped on keel
Lower yards (iron) 19.2 metres (weight 1.4 tonnes)
Number of frames 92
Number of plates
Number of rivets
Metres of planking
Length of standing rigging 5000 m
Total number of sail
Total sail area
1100 m2 when fully rigged
Original Cost
11,350 Pounds
Original Crew
Master, his wife, 16 crew including 3 apprentices
First Landfall in Australia
5th voyage, Brisbane, 1879
Trans Tasman run
35 round voyages
Cape Horn roundings
Typical Cargo
Coal, kerosene, general cargo, timber, wool
Acquired by the Fleet 1968