Sydney Heritage Fleet (SHF) is negotiating to establish a new permanent home on the western side of Berrys Bay, centred on the old Woodley’s Shipyard. 

The area around the Shipyard has been of interest as a permanent site for the SHF going back many years, but has been mired in development battles, also for years.

That site and the foreshore which once housed BP oil storage tanks will now be part of the Western Harbour Tunnel construction project until at least 2024. It is then intended that it should be remediated for community use.

A small steering group of experienced professionals with expertise in Sydney Harbour and community issues has been working with the SHF’s Alan Edenborough on harbour sites for community access. Berrys Bay is considered the primary site. It is anticipated that funding to develop the site could come from remediation provisions built into the Western Harbour Tunnel project, and other identified State Government sources.

The steering group proposed a concept for SHF’s operational vessels, workshops, and a display site based on the Museum of Sydney Harbour idea, to be located in and around the old Woodley’s Shipyard site and promoted as a new cultural tourism attraction for Sydney Harbour.

The SHF Board reviewed and approved the steering group concept proposal in May 2020 and agreed unanimously to support concept testing with stakeholders.

Since May 2020 the steering group has been running a stakeholder engagement program with the local community, North Sydney Council, local State and Federal MPs, Government bureaucrats and Ministerial offices. The reaction has been positive among all stakeholders.

The project is still at a very early stage. If successful, Berrys Bay will provide SHF with its first permanent home.

The Berrys Bay concept presentation to community, Council and Government can be viewed here [LINK to PDF file here]