Membership FAQs

How long is the Sydney Heritage Fleet Membership Year?The memberships at Sydney Heritage Fleet run from May 1st – April 30th.
Can I volunteer if I am not a Member?No. For insurance and safety reasons you must be a financial member in order to volunteer for Fleet
What are the benefits of being a Sydney Heritage Fleet member?There are many benefits to a Fleet membership including: Fleet Ticket Discounts, Member only Events, Members can volunteer, support maritime history, enjoy free admission to James Craig
alongside and the weekly Fleet Forum email.
What member discounts do I receive?You enjoy a 10% discount on most ticketed events. There are also several events throughout the membership year that are free or heavily discounted for members.
Do I need to know my new Membership Number?Yes. Your membership number is to be quoted when you book member priced tickets as this ensures that member benefits are kept for members. We suggest that you save your membership number in your phone, or another easily accessible place, when you receive it. Your membership number is always quoted at the top of your weekly Fleet Forum email.
Will I receive a Membership Card?In order to reduce both costs and our carbon footprint, we will not send a laminated membership card as standard. You will however be sent your membership number via email. If you would like to request a laminated membership card please do so on your renewal form or if you are renewing  online, call or email the membership department. You do not need a membership card. We do, however, accept that some members like to have one.
Why should I renew online? By managing membership renewals online the Fleet was able to redirect around $2000 back into volunteer projects. By saving printing, postage and hours of work, membership renewals were completed in record time last year and at a reduced cost.
Do I need to register an email address?Due to timing and/or resource constraints, some member communications can only be sent via email. These include invitations to some member only events and the weekly Fleet Forum email with up-to-date information and photos on the progress of vessel and volunteer projects. Don’t miss out….. Register your email address with us!
How much does it cost?Please see membership prices below:

Membership Type (as of 31/03/2022) Membership Pricing*
Volunteer Membership: you must have completed 80 volunteer hours in the following membership years (2021 – 2022, 2020 – 2021, 2019 – 2020) $55
Concession Membership $66
Individual Membership $77

*Please note that new membership applications incur a joining fee of $15 in addition to the above membership rates. Past members who let their membership expire will be subject to pay the $15 joining fee.

Covid-19 situation:
The Board of Directors of Sydney Heritage Fleet are pleased to advise there is no change in the fees for the new membership year starting 1 May 2022. The rates below include 10% GST.

After two years of Covid-19 disruptions, our operational vessels will need to catch up on maintenance. James Craig is due for a major docking in mid-2023. As we are a volunteer organization, your donations are absolutely essential to maintaining our valuable collection of vessels. The membership fee is kept very low to avoid financial hardship. We appeal to every member to TOP UP the basic subscription with a donation. Donations over $2 are tax deductible. Any donation helps, but if you can afford it, a generous donation this year will be especially appreciated.