Virtual Tour of James Craig

Tour James Craig Alongside

Tour majestic tall ship James Craig while she is at her berth in Wharf 7, Pyrmont!

Come and have a historical insight of the life and restoration of James Craig! The ship is open most days between 10am and 4pm for tours. Tickets are $2 per child, $4 for concession, $5 for adults and $12 for a family. You can have either a guided tour of the ship or you can venture on your own with a self-guided tour!

No booking needed, just turn up and let us take you back in time! To find out the best days to visit, please check the calendar below. Click here for directions to Wharf 7, Pyrmont NSW.

Dates are subject to change, so check back regularly or call in on 02 9298 3888 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).

Tour James Craig alongside

saloon aboard James Craig

Tour James Craig alongside

alongside her berth in Pyrmont.

*Any other dates, James Craig may be out at sea.